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My mind is a labyrinth of intricate and surreal landscapes, akin to the artistry of M.C. Escher.


Likes: I have a deep love for coffee, especially Colombian blends, and a refined taste for European chocolate. Shopping is enjoyable for me, but I prefer brands known for their lasting quality. Music is essential to my life. Classical music often tops my Spotify playlists, with Beethoven as my favorite composer. Among contemporary classical musicians, Ludovico Einaudi is my top choice, followed by Yiruma. I also enjoy popular music, including The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Suicide Boys, Elvis Presley, Hippie Sabotage, Ivan Cornejo, Post Malone, and Kodak Black.

For leisure: I enjoy learning. While I'm currently pursuing my BS degree, my main sources of income come from various business ventures. I am an official, unprofessional harpist and pianist and can play by ear. Although I took lessons for both instruments years ago, my skills have unfortunately waned over time. I am an avid reader, primarily of nonfiction. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye, with Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell as a close second.

Energy: The gym, my dog, trading, and the profound realization that the ultimate nature of our existence remains an enigma. Embracing this mystery reminds me that the present moment is all we truly possess. Meeting new people and fostering connections energizes me; I prefer long, intimate relationships over fleeting encounters, though I understand the value of both. Additionally, I find pieces of glass and ceramics fascinating.


Dislikes: Dry conversation, traffic, little obnoxious noises, a dull mind, and modern-day cinema; I prefer black-and-white films. I don’t enjoy TV in general, as there's too much else to indulge in. An unnecessary use of berating adjectives also displeases me.

I do not participate in review culture.


Hair Color: Brunette 

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5' 3"

Body Type: Natural with no cosmetic procedures

Shoe Size: US 8 1/2 | EU 39.5

Favorite Flowers: Hibiscus, Rose, Lavender

Favorite Cuisine: Omakase

Favorite Color: Midnight Blue

Favorite Instrument: As an ex-harp player and mediocre piano player, these each stay true to my heart.

My Perfect Date Would Be:  A private jet journey to an ocean retreat with a curated sushi spread, with a trip to the Orchestra to follow. If you need more inspiration, I'm on it; check out Dream Vacations or Date Ideas



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